The do’s and don’ts of clay masks, and why it will be your top skin care list.

This age-old skin treatment can go head-to-head with no other ingredient and come out on top

The do's and don'ts of clay masks, and why it will be your top skin care list.

when refining, tightening. And when it comes to deep cleansing, products made with the right clay like clay masks can only have great results, making it an essential beauty ingredient again. Experts tell us more about its appeal.

First, let’s get down to the basics. Clay is a broad term that includes water mixed with a combination of minerals, clays, silts, and clays. The clay itself is a special mineral substance consisting of crystals of silica and alumina. While clay and clay have similar properties, different types have their own strengths and differences. Rinki Kapoor, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Dermato-Surgeon, The Aesthetic Clinic, says, “Regular use of mitti or clay aging, shrinks pores, removes blackheads, clears acne and makes skin tough and glowing. ” She further adds that it also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce stress by calming your skin. Clay is especially beneficial for people suffering from psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea.

There are different types that each target different skin types. “Kaolin clay is best for normal skin, bentonite and rosaul clay for normal, combination or even oily skin, while French green clay Like elite clay, it works better for very oily skin.” Celebrity Dermatologist & Consultant & Director Dr. Manjot Clinic. Kapoor is included. “Other popular volcanic clays renowned for their antibacterial properties are Moor clay, which makes it a great astringent suitable even for sensitive skin, and Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Icelandic silica clay for cleansing the skin of any impurities.” “


However, the main concern with mud is that it provides many benefits to the skin, but also dries out your skin. Marwah explains, “Soil and clay particles have two unique properties: cation exchange capacity (CEC) and high absorption properties. Some types of soil can become excessively dry if applied in a thick layer and the CEC property is too high ” She recommends using clay in a mask once a week for oily skin and once every two weeks for dry, sensitive skin. But as ideal for detoxifying and depigmenting your skin, Zoya Ali, AmorePacific India National Training Head and Beauty Expert, recommends avoiding the muddy product during harsh winters. “A clay-based mask can absorb oil and cleanse the skin. When the temperature is low, it can strip moisture away from your skin,” she warns. Also, those whose skin barrier is broken should avoid using clay as it can cause further irritation of the skin.

If you’re wondering how mud treatments at spas differ from those at home, they may use clays with a higher mineral content along with heat therapy to enhance absorption. “This product may be the same as your homemade clay-infused beauty product, but application and formulation with water may be different in a spa than for home use,” says Marwah.

Here is our list of the best clay masks to try:

Dr. Barbara Sturm Clarifying Mask

Perfect for people with acne, this mask contains zinc, kaolin clay, sunflower seed oil, balloon vine and viper Key Bugloss to soothe and calm your skin. Promote hydration.

Kampeki Purifying Clay Mask

This formula protects skin from toxins and absorbs excess oil for smooth and refreshed skin. 

Innisfree Super Volcano Pore Clay Mask 2X

innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Masks with Volcanic Cluster

This fast-acting clay mask tightens your skin and improves its texture, giving you a natural, matte effect. The Skin Type.

Sulvasu Herbal Clay Purifying Mask

This organic purifying mask cleanses your skin’s surface and pores to fine lines combat.

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask

This super-charged formula is based on an ancient Mediterranean beauty recipe, leaving you with a dewy glow and baby-soft skin.

Shankar Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

This pure clay mask contains grapefruit extract and white clay to remove impurities and reduce shine, giving you a fresh glow.

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